See you in Valhalla?

See you in Valhalla?

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You remember last week’s Brewie fact? Well, let us remind you: ’According to Vikings, there is a giant goat in Valhalla with an endless supply of beer.’
Others have noted that actually this is mead – let’s see what Vikings really drank.

Luckily, we know a lot about their history – not just their clothes, ships and tactics but what they drank. Based on written proofs, Scandivanians and Vikings already had beer and mead in the early ages (appr. 8th century). As both beverages became a significant part of the culture, it’s no surprising that Vikings sometimes drank a hybrid version.

Here we would like to remind you an other fact of the brewing history. In the very beginning beer brewing was the women’s duty – this is valid for the Viking’s society also. As women were highly respected in the Northern culture, they had to take care of this essential business – which was a great pleasure, of course. In addition, the conqueror Vikings took plenty of beer, ales and mead with them for their journeys as these include much more calories (so energy) than water.

On the whole, no matter what Heidrun, the magical goat offers from her udders in Valhalla – we’re sure she won’t let the warriors disappointed. Still, we have to quote the lines of The Viking Hávamál to get a full picture of the Viking drinking habits:
Less good than they say
for the sons of men
is the drinking oft of ale:
for the more they drink,
the less they can think
and keep a watch over their wits.