Set it and forget it!

Set it and forget it!

3 8 months ago

Choose work to have money, choose a partner to feel the love, start a family and have kids. Choose a dog or a cat - it doesn't really matter - to have someone playing with the children when you not fancy running around the house. Choose a healthy product, not too much dairy, drink a lot of water, exercise regularly. Choose peace instead of fight. Choose darkness when it's no light. Choose a hobby but choose thoughtfully 'cause time is the only thing that isn't controlled by you overall. Wait, what?

Yeah. Quantic came up with the right words before us: time is the enemy.

To be perfectly honest, the ugly truth is, after you've reached the threshold of adulthood, you have to go over twice what is worth your time. Although time is only an auxiliary term that we take hold as reality, sobbing about having less and less from it became an everyday routine soon after the age of 30 (if we're lucky).

Ain't nobody got time for having a proper job, a family and a hobby at all once, and one might feel sad when he must neglect one of them. This is the basic reason why a tremendous amounts of people choose not to choose a hobby but the lack of me-time will boomerang on them sooner or later. Choose to do something on your own!

Homebrewing is just like that. An essential example of pure me-time while in the meantime, you can do anything you want. Having a serious hobby already? Not a problem at all due to the Brewie+ takes over the hardest parts of the brewing process. Listen to your heart. Go to a concert, you only need a couple of minutes for setting the brewing parameters before you step out of your home. Jam with your band in the basement, experiment with sounding while the Brewie+ makes you the tastiest craft beers.

An all-in-one homebrewing machine can be the solution for the problems of the accelerated world and multitasking sociality. It lets your social life flourish, just set it and forget it! That is to say, dismiss brewing from your mind while the machine is working. You only need to be there at the beginning and at the end of the process, the rest is your choice so erase the FOMO-related stress from your time table finally.

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