Shopify + Brewie aka. the new shop is here

Shopify + Brewie aka. the new shop is here

1 8 months ago

By challenging ourselves every day we try to amuse our customers more and more. Ensuring better circumstances for shopping is one of those aims that we need to fulfill in order to have happy and satisfied clients. Those who are eager to surf on our website and webshop or revive our social media platforms with their love and support.

Launching the most advanced and all-in-one homebrewing machine, shifting our production line, constantly creating new Brewie Pads or LIVE brewing are good examples of our efforts but the list isn't complete at all. Here we come with the newest surprise that we've brewed for your pleasure: the new Brewie Shop! By changing our e-commerce platform to Shopify, we provide you with a user-friendly interface, a simpler paying system, cheaper and transparent shipping method and free shipping in case of ordering

  • at least 4 Brewie Pads
  • a Starter Kit
  • Pad Packs

In your pre weekend-ish mood why not take a tour and see what the freshly launched Shop has for you!