Testing the Brown Ale (1.9), attention, please!

Testing the Brown Ale (1.9), attention, please!

0 1 year ago

Since the last bigger software update, Amber Ale (1.6) debuted, questions, demands and suggestions of yours have been piled up into a hoard that would make even Smaug proud. We have already selected the changes that we already wanted to incorporate the software, the most pressing fixes that many of you asked us, and a few special requests which we found particularly useful.
Brown Ale (1.9) stepped into testing phase today, and we are confident to send it out through the ether on next Wednesday.

Last time we mentioned two of the new features, so let’s see a few of the more pressing fixes we wish to realize:

1. Refreshing the Brewie’s inner communication
Although it might not sound a lot to many of you, but checking and making the Brewie’s inner data communication faster will improve user experience and will help processing through a brew a lot more swifter than before.

2. The Mess We Call Draining
Many of you have commented on the Amber Ale’s new draining methods, so Brown Ale will reintroduce the original draining. From now on, draining will not start automatically in a way but will preliminarily ask your decision on draining all, or draining and leaving sediments.

3. Continue pauses, Pause continues
As a little speck of dust in the machine, the role of Continue and Pause buttons were a bit confusing - since they had the exact opposite result than what was written on them. The comments were warmly welcome, it has been fixed.

4. It canceled it, didn’t it?
Cancelling a wrongly added value in the recipe might not have been visually responsive (although the cancellation did happen), we registered the problem and from now on, you will be able to actually see the abovementioned value cancelled.

Also, any and every single comment or feedback on the machine is most warmly welcome, so don’t hold back yourselves if you found something that might be fixed or rewritten!