The Ambassadors at work

The Ambassadors at work

1 1 year ago

Our esteemed Ambassadors have been working hard in the last month as well, providing all of us with useful information about homebrewing and its nuances.

First of all, meet Thomas from Norway. He has been brewing for a few years and will show and tell us information and techniques about advanced level of brewing. Let’s hear a few tips about using extra ingredients first:

Simon was also busy with his own brews, and tried Hopus Pocus, the - yet - only IPA of the Brewie line. While brewing, you can also get aquainted with the history behind the now trending India Pale Ales:

Apart from fancy videos, the Ambassador Program aims to help local brewers have information about their possibilities, the local trends, shops, distributors both in English and in their native language.

From next week, you'll all have the opportunity to ask directly your Ambassador about using the Brewie - so stay tuned for further information!