The Amber Ale (1.6) update is ready to roll!

The Amber Ale (1.6) update is ready to roll!

4 1 year ago

As all previous ones have and subsequent ones will, the Amber Ale update tries to improve user experience through three main courses:

  • channeling your collected suggestions into our machine’s operation;
  • making the Brewie software more user-friendly and easily manageable;
  • fixing reoccurring minor faults in the daily operation.

Keeping these in our eyesight, we managed to broaden the machine’s function regarding manual water addition and automatic cooling; to make important information more clear during the brewing process; and to let you drain the wort in your tempo with or without the sediment in the boiling tank.

1. Mixing automatic and manual water usage.
Since many of you requested an option to use special clear water in your brews even though the machine is connected to the household water system, now a manual option has been added to the water inlet phase.
How it works: After choosing the recipe you’d like to brew, and pressing the Brew button, a notification pops up. In this window, you can choose a manual or automatic option for the primary water inlet AND the cooling system. If you do not find your household water system suitable for your brew, but it works for cooling, you can easily choose to manually add water, but use the household water system for cooling.

Similarly, after the boiling and mashing phases, there will be an option to manually add water for sparging (if it had been chosen in the recipe).
How it works: a pop-up message appears on the display, which you can clear after manually adding the sparging water. But pay attention: when choosing manual sparging water inlet, you have only 30 minutes to actually add the water – after this interval the machine shuts down the brewing process, since leaving the batch for more than half an hour prevents necessary inner reactions taking place.
With these new options we try to let you choose the best way to make a brew appropriate for your own tastes.

2. Pop-up notifications
You have brought to our attention, that at many points of the brewing process, the display’s not clear about what current task Brewie is working on, or how long different sub-phases might take. To avoid as much misunderstanding as possible, a new pop-up system will inform users during the preparations and the brewing process. This system will work similarly to a user manual, guiding you through and providing information about the ongoing or subsequent process.
The pop-ups consist of two main types:
The first are notificiations, to help you remember what preparations will be necessary for the next phase. In these instances the notification will stay in its place until you approve it, letting you enough time to doublecheck its contents.
An example: after pressing the Brew button, but before commencing the brewing process, a message pops up, reminding you to check if every ingredient is in place. After verifying, you can easily tick off the notification.
The second group is a pile of cautions– in these cases the window stays put, informing you about the ongoing process and warning you about any thing you need to comply.
An example: the length of the primary water inlet was not clear – from now on, a pop-up window will show you the remaining time of the inlet, and lets you know when it ends.
We hope that providing these informative pop-ups, many confusing moments can be spared – and brewing will be easier and clearer for many of you.

3. Adjustable draining
Based on your feedback and our previous plans, we decided to include a new, adjustable method of draining. From now on, when the brewing process ends, the machine will display pop-up messages to help you through the draining process.
How it works: Firstly, a message pops up, reminding you to connect the draining hose. If ready, you can start draining by long pressing the Drain button (on the left side of the machine). When it started, you can easily pause and restart draining any time, by pressing the button again.
Then, when the wort was drained, another message appears, asking if you finished draining. Note that at this time, the sediment will still be at the bottom of the boiling tank, with approximately 2 litres of wort. You can now either continue draining, salvage the wort (which partly mixed with the sediment), and drain the sediment, OR finish draining, and start a draining program (Full drain or Drain) manually, to get rid of the sediment and leftover wort.
Take care that during the primary process the fermentation tank must not be higher than the machine itself, to help draining with the natural power of gravity. Additionally be aware that the draining hose is not broken or folded tightly.
With this option now it is possible to pause and restart draining easily, whether you decided to change the fermentation tank, or were just called away for a few minutes.

Additionally, the update includes numerous technical bug fixes, aiming to improve the machine’s performance and efficiency (pump problems, overcharging fuses, etc.)

Happy brewing!