The Beer of October

The Beer of October

0 1 year ago

Does it seem early? Does it seem improper? For the sedulous little home brewer, it does not!

Being a proper winter warmer with an exceptional, 38-52 days long fermentation period, the Jingle Ale The Way truly needs some preparation - but believe us, it pays back all energy invested.

Our Christmas Brewie Pad has the same brown colour and spicy flavours that tend to be trademarks of traditional Christmas Ales, reviving the vivid and cozy aromas of dinner tables and desserts in December.

Its moderate alcohol level guarantees that it'll easily lift the holiday mood without the hazard of dozing off amidst the dessert plates and the gingerbread-reminding tones will surely tune up the warm embrace of the holiday spirit.

The recipe includes cinnamon, coconut, and other spices - but the extras don't end here!

To make it more suitable as a present under the tree, we include stickers and bottlecaps to dress up every single bottle
of the Jungle Ale The Way.

Surprise your family with your own Christmas Ale and drink up the sweetness of the holiday spirit!

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