The best beer in town

The best beer in town

3 1 year ago

In the era of blogs, reviews, and TripAdvisor there is nothing easier than choosing the best quality beer and the pub where you and your friends can buy it after a hard day at work. But what happened before when we needed to step out from the comfort of our home in order to drink something special and reliable?

In the 14th century, Bavarian princes III. Wilhelm and VII. Ludwig established a beer committee to examine the breweries' products. This committee visited pubs usually two or three times a week and if the character of the beverage wasn't adequate, there were serious consequences. Their method was peculiar but trustworthy as well.

On the day of the test, three supervisors showed up in tight buckskin trousers and poured a bucket of beer into an unpainted bench then sat on it and stayed there for about three hours. When the time was up they rose at all once and if the bench stuck to their pants, the beer was qualitative.

These supervisors were the bierkiesers who verified the integrity of their works with an official vow. Their authority and work were highly respected because the inadequate type of beverages had to be sold at a reduced price, furthermore, a servant from the town stayed at the brewery until the beer had run out.

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