The Brewie Ambassador Program

The Brewie Ambassador Program

2 1 year ago

As much as we’d like to provide you with everything that is needed to start your first brew, what we can’t honestly give you is a Brewie user’s experience, thoughts or verdict over our machine. We realized this defect and wanted to help you still receive input from owners of the Brewie. And thus, the Brewie Ambassador Program was born.

The Ambassadors, as representatives of Brewie will post up a video using their Brewies from time to time to Brewie’s official YouTube channel. In these videos they’ll help us introduce the machine - from the basics of how to brew, through different programs and their functions in the Brewie to tips and tricks of the experienced homebrewers.

Please, welcome Chris and Denis from Australia, Erik from the Netherlands, Simon from Great-Britain and Thomas from Norway!

You can follow the Ambassadors’ videos here, on the official Brewie channel:

If you have any topics that you wish to hear more about, send it to and we’ll make sure that it will be included in one of our videos!