The Brown Ale (1.9) Update is here!

The Brown Ale (1.9) Update is here!

5 1 year ago

Most of the suggestions we received from the last three weeks covered the topics of cooling and draining. While the previous needed an adjustment and a bug fix, the latter was the target of many complaints from experienced Brewie users, so we tried to find the golden mean between them. The Brown Ale (1.9) update is available from March 31st, 2017.


Since in many occasions you were not 100% sure about the success of calibration, we changed it to have an interior controlling phase. This all means that from now on Calibration takes up two steps: first you will need to add 7-10000 gramms of water to the boiling tank - in this phase you will be able to add manually the exact amount with what you’re calibrating. In the second step, the machine will ask for exactly 2000 gramms of water, and it will doublecheck the measurement with this second phase.
If all goes well, you will receive an approving window, and you can drain the remaining water from the tank. If any problem occurs, the calibration must be restarted and the machine will keep the data from the previous calibration.
Important note: it’s recommended to often calibrate the machine. Also still don’t touch the Brewie during calibration - it pauses the process and could lead to faulty calibration.
Also, the Brown Ale (1.9) update contains bug fixes (such as the Continue/Pause issue we mentioned before) and performance updates and optimization.


First of all, the error message. Many breweres flagged an annoying pop-up, which indicated that no water inlet was connected. Even after acknowledging the problem with “Done”, the window would pop up again and again, disappearing only after 5 or 6 times. Well, this problem ceased to be. It is now an ex-problem.
Secondly, many of you asked us about adjustable cooling - meaning that cooling should go until a set temperature and not slow down and stop around room temperature. Although the boundary for cooling is still the (inlet temperature + 5°C), from now on, you can previously add to what degree you wish to cool your wort (over the boundary of course).
This will be done as the following: after choosing brewing, and while inside the batch’s receipt, you will be able to set the temperature for cooling AFTER setting the water-mashing-hopping information. Remember that this temperature will always be in the same system (Celsius or Fahrenheit) you chose for your Brewie - which you can always change in the Home menu (Settings/Units submenu).
After reaching the set temperature or the boundary, cooling will automatically stop.


A sore point for all of us - but too many of you signaled to look away and say it wasn’t a rushed decision. The feasible solution was to bring back the original draining option, which will leave us like this:
From now on, immediately after brewing stopped, you will be able to choose what kind of drain you wish to implement. The two options are “Drain all” and “Leave sediment”. As their names so subtly indicate, “Drain all” will drain everything from the tanks, while “Leave sediment” will drain from the upper hole, leaving all sediment in the boiling tank (with about 2 liters of wort).
However, to start the process, you will still need to press long the Drain button, as well as for pausing and restarting the phase (if you drain your wort to more than one fermentation tools or if you need to leave for a moment).


Before the Brown Ale update, three different cleaning programs run on the software: “Manual”, “Automatic” and “Full clean”. From now on, however, three differently named but mostly similar programs will satisfy your cleaning needs - “Short”, “Sanitation” and “Full clean”.
One of the most important change is that both “Short” and “Sanitizing” clean have options with automatic and manual water inlet, while “Full clean” uses only automatic inlet. This will be optional after you have chosen any of the main programs.

Short clean: the usual, short wash-out - this is well-known, since the previous “Manual” and “Automatic” cleans both used this method.
Sanitizing clean: this is new. With this program, Brewie heats up the water to 90°C and thus will commence a santizing wash-out, for 60-90 minutes.
Full clean: the longest of the three programs. Full clean will thoroughly clean through the machine with washing tablets. It will wash the machine on 70°C, for 120-150 minutes. About 10 minutes after the program started, a message will pop-up that will tell you to put the tablets in the hopping cages for the full, sanitized result.


A reoccurring issue in the last few weeks was the clogging of one or two tubes of the machines. These situations were mainly caused by spilled malt or hops that created a massive wet clog inside the machine. Although in previous accounts we needed to call back machines with the problem, now a new program has been installed to help users eliminate any similar occasions.
If you believe there’s a clogging somewhere inside your machine, you can choose this new feature to try and solve the problem. Unclogging works with manually added water (at least 5-5 liters to both tanks), after which you can independently unclog the tubes of both tanks. The unclogging lasts for 20 seconds, while the machine uses the mass of water and pressure to eliminate any cloggings.
Important note: every time you use the unclogging program, make sure that the machine is empty before pouring in the water. Also, all gunk that appears from the tubes must be removed manually! Repeat the program until you are sure that water flow is unimpeded between the tanks.
If you end the unclogging process, you can drain the remaining water with the Full drain program from Home/Extras.