The Chocolate Stout (2.0) arrives soon!

The Chocolate Stout (2.0) arrives soon!

5 1 year ago

The Chocolate Stout (2.0) update has been in the making for a much longer time than any of the previous releases, especially because of its nature: while in previous instances a bigger emphasis was put on introducing new features, the Chocolate Stout update represents a new attitude: although we continue to process your feedback on what other uses Brewie might include, its main mission is to eliminate the currently recurring bugs and make sure that the recipe section is fully usable.

We have already shared some information with you about the Chocolate Stout update, let’s list them here to refresh our memories:

  • Easier WiFi connectibility;
  • Fully functioning recipe-creator;
  • Recipe calculator;
  • Time syncronization;
  • More developed update mechanism;
  • Full clean with manual water.

Remember: if you have found any irregularities with your Brewie, don’t hesitate to write us to!