The first feature has been revealed!

The first feature has been revealed!

1 10 months ago


Only two days passed since the announcement of our newest product, we're beyond ready to share some details about this beer brewing machine that will be launched on the first of March. In the remaining time you'll find more information about the four most important features of this brand new automated beer brewing system that ensures better and faster brewing process - but let's not rush into things this time.

The first feature of this home brewing kit is the custom-made pumps straight from Tesla's manufacturer. These components will provide easier controllability and quicker brewing - it speeds up the water flow and the draining process by up to 15%. And this is not everything! Check out the further information about this new system, subscribe and countdown with us, get all the information on time and prepare to brew crazy amounts of tasty craft beer by before Spring is out.

Stay tuned, it's D.E.A.D. time soon (Drop Everything And Drink)!