The legend of the bottled beer

The legend of the bottled beer

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Beer is truly a message in the bottle that always reaches its recipient. But have you ever wondered who was the first with the intention of bottling beer? Well, according to the legend it was Alexander Newell, the dean of St. Paul church in London whose free time contained two main activities: fishing and drinking beer. Sadly, he couldn't do these two actions at the same time, regarding the fact that he could only drink in the brewery and couldn't bring his beloved liquid to the river coast because in the 16th century of England bottled beer hasn't been an invented thing yet.

After years of struggling, he eventually realized that if he tapped his beer into bottles and plugged it tightly, the beverage preserved its freshness and the beer was ready to be taken away anywhere, anytime. Wistfully bishop Bonner wasn't really happy about his dean's idea of recreation and after he caught Newell in the act of fishing (namely drinking beer), the dean found himself expelled from England.

A couple of years later Newell went back to his hometown and had the idea of visiting his old favored place, where he hid a bottle of beer in the river on the tragic day of his exile. Wondrously he found the bottle and when he opened it, the plug came out of it with a deafening whoomp. Newell was curious about the drink inside, so at first, he had scrupulously tasted it and after the first sips he drank all of it and survived the adventure! That made him not only the first who bottled beer but the very first person ever who fermented beer in a bottle as well.

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