The Märzen 3.1 is coming next week!

The Märzen 3.1 is coming next week!

1 6 months ago

Hurray, a new software update is on the horizon. Our team continuously evaluate customers' feedback and make changes in order to assure you an immaculate user experience among crazy amounts of successful brewing sessions.

The Märzen 3.1 is coming next week and this update is going to be the one where the crossroads meet - from the 3.1, both the B20 and the Brewie+ will run the exact same software!

Let's see what else is going to change:

  • better wifi connection: there're a few things in the world such annoying as when you lose your wifi signal so our Software Team has made changes that won't let it bother you anymore
  • more sensitive user interface for quicker progress: set the parameters faster than ever
  • multilingualism: beside the English menu, all instructions will be available in German, in Russian and in Chinese as well

Stay tuned, it's only a few days away!