The shipping clock is ticking

The shipping clock is ticking

3 1 year ago

Firstly, we’d like to ask all our Customers to believe us: any rumours or comments that state or guess how shipping is delayed due to our operation’s demise are factually wrong.

Currently we are dealing with an administrative issue: we are arranging the production schedules and this led to an unexpected stalling of all already produced machines.
To illustrate the current situation: close to 200 machines are stranded in Taiwan, simply waiting for a more flawless handover process, which - due to all summer holidays and vacations - have not yet been finalized.
We are positive that this issue will be resolved by the following week - or the week after the latest.
Starting with the worst case scenario, that it will be solved only in the next 2 weeks, we are going to ship these machines to North America, Europe and Australia in the middle of September, and after about 10 days of travel, the Brewie B20s will reach their destination continents. Taking our experiences into account, the machines will be stalled at customs for another 4-5 workdays and it will take another day to deliver the machines from customs to their continental distribution centers.
From there, our courier partners will take over the tasks of delivering the machines, which will take up again an additional 4-5 workdays.
Taking all this into account, we believe that we will be able to ship almost all remaining pre-webshop Brewie B20 orders around the middle of October - these batches will include all those machines the owner's of which have received their address confirmation letters in August, and those who's owners will receive their Brewie B20s the following week.
Once the shipping of these Brewies start, production and shipping will get back into their usual schedules and containers of Brewies will sail through winds and rains to reach their destination in about 3 weeks, counting from the moment the address confirmation letters have been sent out.

We can not emphasize enough how sorry we are for these inconsistencies, nor can we thank you enough for your seemingly never-ending patience towards us. Please believe us when we say: all delays and glitches in the machines reaching you hurts us just as much as you - and that there is no higher priority for us than to have the long-awaited machines safely arrive at your doorstep.

Updates about shipping will return to their usual methods in the weekly newsletters - and in the meantime, if you have any urgent questions, feel free to contact us via our mail addresse or via a personal message on the Brewie Facebook page.

*All ordered Brewie Pads will be delivered also. Those, who have already received their machines will get their BPs delivered within the usual delivery timeframe, while those who haven’t will receive theirs once the machine is already on its way.