The Starter’s Guide is up and running

The Starter’s Guide is up and running

1 1 year ago

No subchapters, no drop-down menus, no tiles to choose from: just the pure, unpretentios information for those that have just received their Brewies and have no experience in using it.

The Starter’s Guide includes the essential information of brewing with our machine in five elementary chapters:

  • Assembling, in which anyone with no previous understanding of any household device will be able to connect the Brewie;
  • First steps, with the most important have-tos of pre-brewing activities (such as calibration, first safety clean, etc.);
  • Brewing, walking you through the basics of the brewing process in one place, from putting in ingredients to draining your wort;
  • Fermentation, with the basic infos for starter brewers and a few sanitizing tips;
  • Cleaning, which summarizes all changes in the last update, and the optimal uses of Brewies automatic cleaning programs.

Note that the Starter’s Guide does not include all information about using the Brewie - only the essential and basic stuff about how it works and how you should start your first brew. Remember, that Brewie let’s you experiment with whichever phase you wish to, so never repress your imagination - but make sure that you learn the basics, before starting the advanced methods!

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