The superiority of beer

The superiority of beer

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At the dawn of our civilization beer was a basic part of life, according to some scientists the beverage was a cornerstone of people's life. Salomon Katz, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania states that men haven't begun to produce wheat in order to bake bread but rather for the purpose of brewing beer.

In 2800 B.C. the activity of brewers and bakers interwove regarding beer was also brewed in bakeries as well. Pieces of barley bread were dropped into huge barrels, watered and in the end, honey or dates were added to that mixture.

Babylonians, Sirians, Armenians, Hittites, and Greeks drank their beer from immense jugs with the help of straws. The straw was necessary in order to prevent drinking the precipitated pieces of bread and fruits.

In ancient Egypt, baking and brewing have equally belonged to the household. Beer counted as an important commodity such as bread. They called the brewery "fyt" and for naming the brewing process they used the word "th". The name of the beer was "hkt", "hek" or "hekt". These words probably came from the Babylonian "hiqu" that alludes to the Egyptian goddess, Hathor who was honored as the inventor of beer.

At Hathor's side, we find Menquet who holds two jugs of beer in her hands. There are portrayals of Anubis where beer was usually offered to him.

In 1886, James Death has written down his compelling theory about Exodus, in fact, he was convinced that the Holy Bible mentions the beverage in the second book of Moses. He added that the admonition of Moses (it prohibits eating leavened bread during Passover) also applies to drinking beer around that time of the year. Vine wasn't banned during Passover and this fact indicates that beer was handled as a superior kind of drink.

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