Unboxing our Christmas Pad

Unboxing our Christmas Pad

1 1 year ago

Christmas is really a very special time of the year. Even though after you've grown up there is not that much fun about the holiday itself. We need to overcome all shopping, cooking and cleaning related duties around the actual holiday, not to mention that approaching the end of the year usually most of us have to struggle extra chores business wise as well.

But let's forget about it for a minute and try to dress not just your home this time but also your heart while preparing for the celebration with your family. Open your mind like a Christmas gift and by doing that you'll be able to observe the crazy little delights even in the actually stressful preparation period.

If you plan to deliver a special Christmas beverage to your loved ones this year, you are right on time to brew some Jingle Ale The Way and make the holiday spirit even jollier. After unboxing you'll find extra treats in the box beyond the necessary ingredients. Star anise, cinnamon, coconut and clove ensure the well-known aroma of the gingerbread and make your beer extraordinarily festive. There are 40 fancy beer stickers and red colored bottle caps in the box in order to beautify your finished product and on top of it all, the Jingle Ale The Way box contains a well-designed gift card too.

Now, this is the time of brewing for Christmas or ordering the Pad 20% off from our webshop. Get ready for preparing and enjoying the benefits from your own beer!