Unclogging 2.0

Unclogging 2.0

0 1 year ago

Years from now, people will talk about the Unclogging program in only two ways – the one before 2.0 and the post-Chocolate Stout Unclogging program.
We have made significant changes towards a user friendly and goal-oriented program. From now on the Unclogging is a more linear, semi-automatic program with explanations and instructions for the user and for safety measures.

To make the process more easily understandable, we made a difficult-looking, but easily decipherable flow chart of the whole process:

After pressing Unclogging from Extras, a few windows for preparations will appear – they are avoidable by pressing the „Skip All” button, but are highly recommended to go through at least the first few instances.
The instructions will include wiping the tanks and pouring in the water.
Once preparations are done, the window of Unclogging Mashing Tank will appear. The main text reminds the user: observe the bottom hole on the mashing tank to check what happens.
Once the 25 seconds long program ends, the machine will ask you: „Have you experienced any water movement?”

You can press Yes or No. If you haven’t, the program will repeat itself. This will happen at a maximum of three times to try to help the waterflow getting continuous. If water movement is still unobservable, the machine goes on to the boiling tank with the same request: Observe Boiling Tank and the question: Have you experienced water movement?
If there is no water movement three times in a row in neither the boiling tank, it is highly recommended to get in contact with us at the http://brewie.org/report-an-issue
If water movement is observable, the display will ask: Have you seen any materials in the tank? If the answer is Yes, the machine will remind you to remove all particles from the tank and then will start the program again. Once you press „No” (so there have been no material seen after the last unclogging), the program will jump on to the boiling tank and will walk you through the same procedure.
With this method we’ll be able to concentrate users’ attention to where it is needed to avoid any misunderstandings.
Once both tanks’ uncloggings are done, the display will offer you to drain the tanks.