Weekly shipping update

Weekly shipping update

12 8 months ago

Well hello beer buddies,

Last time we promised you weekly shipping updates so here we are with some pleasing news.

While unboxing your newest state-of-art and all-in-one homebrewing machine, you'll find two extra surprises in the package. To be perfectly honest, the procurement of these things was the basic reason behind the delivery delay.

Now packages are on their way with two simple but essential tools that'll help turn you into a serial chiller!

Beside your brand new machine, a false bottom, hop cages, low-pressure hoses, high-pressure hose, Brewie bags, detergents, sponge, setup guide and warranty card, your package's content is broadened with:

• USB adapter
• unclogging pump

Smooth brewing sessions and tasty recipes are on the horizon!

The Brewie Team