Weekly shipping update #3

Weekly shipping update #3

5 8 months ago

Happy Thursday beer lovers,

You've made it and we're all one day away from the weekend. Hurray! And on the top of everything, here we are with the newest shipping update.

Brewie+ machines are still coming and the first batch has arrived at our Budapest HQ. Keep in mind, there are several extra demands and business obligations that we need to fulfill in relation to the closing production of the B20s but right now we're doing our best to increase the manufacturing and the shipping procedure.

As you might've read before, mass production was delayed to finalize testing and QC stations, and this pushed the start of deliveries a bit. We kindly suggest to look at it like this: every day of delay means that the production site was checked and doublechecked one day longer.

It's a priority for us to inform you about the soon-to-be-arriving Brewie+ homebrewing machines on a weekly basis but if you have some questions about it, please contact our support team by filling out this form.

The Brewie Team