Welcome to the Brewie Knowledge Center!

Welcome to the Brewie Knowledge Center!

7 1 year ago

As you are probably all aware, the accumulated knowledge surrounding the home-brewing process, ingredients for beers and the B20 itself reached a level, when many information might blend in the background without an orderly, searchable database. This database is here, and open for all, who might be interested in the vast land of beer country. In the next few paragraph, we’ll help you to know your way around the Knowledge Center and all its miraculous content.

All articles and posts in the Knowledge Center will be labeled by at least one of the four main categories - News, User Manual, FAQ and Beer College. These labels work as filters as well - with only a click on the required label, you will be able to browse through every entry belonging to its category, without scrolling down for the respective icon(s).

Furthermore, the whole Knowledge Center is searchable, letting users to further narrow down hits to only those that includes the previously given keyword(s).

Now, let’s see the main categories.

1. News

Easily as it sounds, News will include all actual (or once actual) information that affects Brewie owners, followers and staff. Any software update will be eternalized in detail in the news section, to be easily found, read and re-read again by our ever so loved fellow #Brewiers (yes, we did that). News regarding Brewie’s fresh product lists, changing customer terms or ordering process will as well be reachable and searchable to all interested parties. If we reach any new milestone of our work, or a goal we couldn’t achieve without your help, guess what? You guessed right, you can find it in the news section! Furthermore, information of our weekly newsletters, will be as well uploaded to the Knowledge Center, in case your mailing system failed to notice you, or marked the letter as spam.
If you do not wish to check our news section too often, don’t worry: any outstandingly important news (such as the ones regarding the latest software updates) will be pinned to the top of the page - to make sure these will surely reach you.

2. Beer College

Although experienced brewers might know more about beer than us, even hopping wizards can sometimes lose their way in the labyrinth of beer types.This particularly stands for the beginners and enthusiastic amateurs who are only starting to get familiar with beer types, their differences and the processes to brew them.
Beer College aspires to be the handy tool if anyone wants to know more about any particular beer type, their brewing extremities, or the alternative ingredients needed to reach the proper taste.
Beer College is uploading right now, but it will take a few days before it’s fully operational.

3. User Manual

This is definitely the best news for all Brewie owners out there. Banishing all paper-based and .pdf manuals to the depth of the past, the User Manual provides an easily searchable, user-friendly interface. The User Manual, split by the 6 main paragraphs contains every important detail from how to unpack your Brewie, through setting up the first brew and the whole brewing process to the methods of draining and fermenting. The User Manual also includes all warnings on safety and any tips we might provide in different phases of the brewing process. The Manual, as well as other parts of the Knowledge Center, will be fully searchable, using the proper keyword(s).
Since naturally not everyone will be able to search through our online User Manual during a brewing session, downloading the whole document will always be just one click away, on the top of every page.
Since the manual itself might expand, due to new functions in the software or other circumstances, we will reach out to you from time to time, reminding you that the latest one is available from the Knowledge Center.

4. FAQ & Support

While the User Manual serves to help Brewie owners in operating the machine, and includes the answers regarding its process in their respective paragraph, the FAQ’s main purpose is to provide information to any interested party on preparing to own a Brewie. Before purchasing our product, it is essential to understand the basics of its operation, its wide range of functions and the technical environment it will need in an average household. Thus, if any questions emerge about the Brewie’s technical information, anyone can easily browse through the FAQ’s main categories, and the directed issues listed under these. Not to lose sight of the user-friendly experience, FAQ is - just as other parts of the Knowledge Center - connected to the built-in search engine, providing easy access to the issues listed in it.
Although we try to prepare to answer anything about Brewie, your support and feedback is still a particularly important thing for us. If an addition needed, please, do not hold your horses - contact us, and help us make the Knowledge Center an ever expanding library of brewing science of which we all can be proud and call it ours!