Welcome to the National Brewie League!

Welcome to the National Brewie League!

5 4 months ago

The National Brewie League is a tipping game, solely organized by Brewie.

To enter the game, one only have to add their names, e-mail addresses and countries of origin. No entering fees or other financial criterions are to be fulfilled to enter.

The NBL starts on 2018.09.04. Thursday.

In the NBL, players can tip the results of different matchups of different major sports leagues, and - if they tip successfully - players can receive discounts from the prices of products uploaded to the Brewie Shop.

All sports leagues will reward players differently. As soon as sports leagues are available, its rules will appear in this article.

Every game week will be opened on Monday and will include the matchups for all participating sports leagues. Putting in tips for the current game week will be available until the following Sunday (when the game week is closed), but tips for matchups that have already started will not be counted as successful.

Results of the previous game week will be sent out on Wednesdays which include the participant's result, achieved discount and the coupon code with which it will be acquired. If the participant participated in more than one sports leagues tipping game, all results, discounts and codes will be sent out.

Special rules for the NFL

The NFL game weeks include 15-16 matchups during the regular season. One can tip the results of all matchups in a game week. If the tip is given before the kickoff of a game, it is accepted. If a tip is given after the kickoff of a game, it is declined (but only the tip for the matchup at hand).

For every successful tip, the player receives a 2% discount from every single product on the Brewie Shop. The accumulated discount will be available only once for the content of one cart. The discount is available for one week after which it will be expired without question.