What comes after 2.0?

What comes after 2.0?

6 1 year ago

First of all, smoother WiFi connection. Fixing this was one of the main goals of this update. Based on your reactions, since 2.0, the machine connects easily to the internet and seems to work fine. The other renewed feature that we can mention here is the recipe editor – according to the users’ words, with this you can plan your own beer in a more customizeable system.

And now a few words about the other side of the coin. As you could have also experienced, there is something going on at Boiling step ½ and 99% - machines seems to stuck there. We have already started to investigate this issue and the most important thing is that mostly it has occurred to the US based users. We would advise you not to brew with the machine until the bug fix if you have experienced this problem.

This will be solved in the 2.1 bug fix update which will arrive next week. This update will include the fixes regarding the mentioned boiling issue, draining problems and smaller UI developments.

Thank you for the patience and please, contact us if you meet any new issues.