What's in the Christmas Pad?

What's in the Christmas Pad?

2 1 year ago

Many of you have asked us - just what makes the Jingle Ale The Way one of our most special Brewie Pad?

We'd like to make the Jingle Ale The Way a truly enchanting Christmas present, with not simply the usual stuff - one of the aspects of this is the unusual recipe.

The Jingle Ale includes not simply hops, malt and yeast, but - since we wanted to improve it with original flavours - cinnamon, coconut, and even star anise, to bring up the flavour and aroma of the delicious Christmas desserts we all like to devour.

However, this is not even the end of the line!

The Pad also includes a surprise pack to help you make the bottled beers little glass presents for your beer-loving friends and family! We packed Christmas-coloured bottlecaps and labels into the Pad, making pre-Christmas arts and crafts a much more enjoyable activity for the brewers.

Have fun unpacking the Jingle Ale The Way - check it at the Brewie Shop here!