What to do after receiving the Brewie?

What to do after receiving the Brewie?

2 1 year ago

Whether you receive your Brewie from the manufacturer, or it has been serviced in the last weeks, please, make sure that you all read the following thoroughly!

0. Remove the plugs!
The machines arriving from our service partner have not only been repaired but also tested. This means that - however much our colleagues might blow the tubes - a few drops of water can remain in the tubesystem, which can easily move around during the shipping phase. To not let it make the Brewie (and its packaging) wet, all holes are plugged in when repair is ready. When you receive the B20, please, make sure that you remove all 6 plugs from the machine (2 from the mashing, 2 from the boiling tank, 2 from the water outlets).

1. Do the First Safety Clean!
When you receive the Brewie, make sure that you do the First Safety Clean! It will ask for water manually - and it should be added, whether the water inlet is connected or not - without calibration using automatic water addition might cause problems.
If the First Safety Clean stuck at 0% (due to a reoccurring but fixable bug in 1.9, which will be erased from 2.0), don’t worry - just start a Short Clean with manual water addition and follow the instructions on the screen. The First Safety Clean will make sure that the pumps don’t run dry and all possible dust is flushed out.

2. Calibrate
We can not emphasize enough how important calibration is to the whole brewing process - also there are a few finished articles about it here:

And here:

You can even check the appropriate chapter of the Brewie Series here:

3. Unclogging
All Brewies are shipped at least partly by plane - and although this is a completely safe way to deliver the machines, the interior tubes might stuck on in themselves due to pressure differences. To avoid any problems that this issue might cause, if it happens, please, before your first brew, make sure that you can unclog both tanks and water flowing is unobstructed both ways. You can find the unclogging program at the Extras menu.