World Cup discounts

World Cup discounts

1 6 months ago

Craft beer- and football lovers all over the world: unite! Here we are with a special, World Cup themed game where you can guess who is going to win the matches from day to day and turn to turn.

Watch the games with excitement not just about the goals but our game as well because if you do everything right you'll get up to 32% off from buying a Brewie+ machine! And it's not everything. Play for your brewing machine and some other serious discounts.

Place your bets here and watch the game, here comes the discounts. These will be active until June 25th 17:00 CET (11:00 EST).
If a team wins, the listed discounts will be applied:

Russia - Egypt

Russia: RIS - the Dark Monk is 20% off!
Egypt: Cradle of beer - the first beer you’ll ever make is free - you can choose a Brewie Pad for all Brewies bought.

Uruguay - Saudi Arabia

Uruguay: Best of Montevideo - the IPAnthera is 20% off!
Saudi Arabia: Chill from the sun - Call Me 20% off!

Portugal - Morocco

Portugal: Discoverer - B+ Purchases from Portugal receive a $99 gift card
Morocco: You can do this - we bring back the Pad Pack

Iran - Spain

Iran: I ran enough, I wanna ride - the Gallhop is 20% off
Spain: Pilgrimage - The carrybag is 20% off

France - Peru

France: Allons-y! B+ purchases from France receive a $99 gift card
Peru: Home of the cocoa - the Tales From The Cellar is 20% off!

Denmark - Australia
Denmark: Up north - B+ Purchases from Denmark receive a $99 gift card
Australia: Down under - our lightest beer is 20% off (Rusty Rex)

Argentina - Croatia

Argentina: Been there, Mara done that - Hopersonic 20% off
Croatia: On our way to Rijeka - the Amaropod is 20% off

Nigeria - Iceland

Nigeria: Kamuku - the Smashtiary is 20% off
Iceland: Up norther - B+ Purchases from Iceland receive a $99 gift card

Brazil - Costa Rica

Brazil: Ball magic - the Hopus Pocus is 20% off
Costa Rica: Where did you come from? - the Exo-Zaic is 20% off

Serbia - Switzerland

Serbia: The Habsburgs are not here - Brevienna is 20% off
Switzerland: Swiss Army Knife - for 4 Brewie Pads, you’ll get extra 3 Brewie Bags

Germany - Sweden

Germany: What a bench - after 4 Pads, you can choose a 5th
Sweden: Up northest - B+ Purchases from Sweden receive a $99 gift card

Republic of Korea - Mexico

Republic of Korea: Eye of the tiger-ish - IPAnthera 20% off
Mexico: Not your average mariachi - the dark monk is 20% off

Belgium - Tunisia

Belgium: Tis the saison - the Fall in a Bottle is 20% off
Tunisia: Make some noise - the Simcluck is 20% off

England - Panama

England: Channel1: B+ Purchases from England receive a $99 gift card
Panama: Channel2: The Citrataur is 20% off

Poland - Colombia

Poland: Dwa bratanski - B+ purchases from Poland receive a $99 gift card
Colombia: Flour - the Mill’s row is 20% off

Japan - Senegal

Japan: Beer revolution - our next Brewie Pad will be REALLY something
Senegal: We kicked out the French once - Witcher is 20% off