World Cup discounts - quarter-finals

World Cup discounts - quarter-finals

1 6 months ago

Craft beer- and football lovers all over the world: unite! Here we are with a special, World Cup themed game where you can guess who is going to win the matches from day to day and turn to turn.

Watch the games with excitement not just about the goals but our game as well because if you do everything right you'll get up to 32% off from buying a Brewie+ machine or literally anything from our webshop! Place your bets here and watch the game, here comes the discounts. These will be active until July 9th 17:00 CET (11:00 EST).
If a team wins, the listed discounts will be applied:

France - Uruguay

France: Coq Gaulois - the Simcluck is 20% off
Uruguay: Beating the Bear - The Hopersonic is 20% off!

Brazil - Belgium

Brazil: Jogo bonito - the Hopus Pocus is 20% off
Belgium: Heavy weaponry - the Hop Pack is 20% off

Russia - Croatia

Russia: Homefield advantage - The Malt Pack is 20% off
Croatia: Checked soul - The Smashtiary is 20% off!

England - Sweden

England: Remember, remember the beer of November: the Tales From The Cellar is 20% off
Sweden: Brannvin, not tequila - Black Mint is 20% off