You say June, we say webshop!

You say June, we say webshop!

0 1 year ago

Although we’ve been a tad too excited too soon about opening the webshop in the first half of spring, now it seems that all administrative obstacles have been overcome, and we’re in the finishing strokes of having the Brewie Webshop open.

Once the webshop opens, you can expect full availability to all products and all four current Brewie Pads in Australia, Europe and the United States.
This means that by the start of June you’ll be able to overstock with Brewie Pads, if you wish. Shipping time for the special “Brewie” black kegs and B20 carry bags will be also available, only with a slightly longer shipping time (4-5 weeks). And with after a short time, all other Brewie Pads will be available in both Australia and the US.

We are working on reaching out to all other countries too - from Latin-America through Russia to East Asia, but it’ll surely take at least a month to stabilize our partnerships.

Countdown starts now!