Your Summer beers are on the road!

Your Summer beers are on the road!

10 9 months ago

We've some great news fellow brew brother.

The mass-production of the Brewie+ has just started and your previously ordered all-in-one brewing machines soon begin their adventurous journey towards our warehouses! The first one and a half hundred machines are ready to roll and from the beginning of the next week we're going to increase production and provide you a weekly steady flow of updates

Be ready, your real homebrewing experience is around the corner! Hit the Knowledge Center and see how you can brew your own well-crafted beverage with the help of master brewers and Brewie Ambassadors. Take a look, there's a huge amount of recipes that you should try, and a whole new lifelong experience that you simply can't miss out!

Still haven't decided? It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an already experienced master brewer, the most advanced homebrewing machine, the Brewie+ is the perfect choice for both of you! It takes over the hardest part of the brewing process, saves you time and space and is a state-of-the-art design object with an impressive appearance.