5.1. Choose recipe

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  1. Press the Menu button
  2. Press 'Recipes'
  3. Choose recipe
  4. Press Brew
  5. Choose automatic/manual water inlet and cooling
  6. Make sure that all preliminary conditions are met

Risk of spoiling the brew! After choosing automatic water addition, do not disturb Brewie+ while water is being circulated in the machine. Disturbances can cause weight sensors to report false data.
Follow the instructions on your Brewie+’s display.


When you receive your Brewie Pad, starting the batch is much more easier. You can easily choose the Pad’s recipe from the Recipe menu. If you have chosen the recipe, press BREW at the bottom of the screen, walk through the preliminary conditions of the brewing, and you can start brewing your own beer! Keep in mind that in some cases, Brewie Pads might include extra ingredients or methods - dry hopping, enzymes, spices, etc. In these cases the Brewie Pad will always include how to add these ingredients.


After pressing the “Start Brewing” button, a preliminary checklist pops up - here you can doublecheck if you want automatic or manual water inlet and if everything is in place.

Put the false bottom into the mashing (right) tank, with standing still on its legs. Make sure that the malt is in a Brewie Bag and it is not damaged - thus no malt will fall out into the machine, clogging the tubes and tanks. Place the malt bag onto the false bottom, with all four corners of the bag adjusted to the tank’s corners. Put the hop cages with hops in them (and only in them) into the appropriate hop tanks.
If all ingredients are placed, you can start brewing by pressing the “Start Brewing” button at the bottom of a recipe’s page.

Before you start brewing, make sure that everything is in place.You need to set that if you want automatic cooling. First of all, check that all hoses are connected safely to the machine - especially the high-pressure hose to the water inlet!
If the hoses are connected, and your Brewie is calibrated appropriately, you can start preparing for brewing. If you chose to add water manually, add it now.

If you press ‘Done’ for all these windows, brewing will start. If you press "Show the Brewing Guide" again, you can check the preliminary conditions.

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