1.1. Package Contents

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A, 1x Brewie+

B, 1x False Bottom
(to separate the heated bottom of the tank from the ingredients)

C, 4x Hop Cages
(for hops and other spices)

D, 2x Low Pressure Hoses
(for draining the cooling water and the wort. 1/2 inch BSPP fitting)

E, 1x High Pressure Hose
(for water intake. 20mm [3/4"] Face-seal BSPP fitting)

F, 1x Standard Brewie Bag
(for your own ingredients)

(for full cleaning)

H, 1x Sponge
(for cleaning)

I, 1x Rubber Aspirator
(for unclogging purposes)

J, 1x USB Ethernet Adapter
(for wired internet connection)

K, 1x Setup Guide

L, 1x Warranty Letter

N, 1-1 NPT and GHT Adapter
(only for US customers)

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